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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of putting a plan in place to ensure your assets are not lost to the State Department of Unclaimed Property, are transferred to your loved ones when and how you want and your intangible assets such as your intellectual, spiritual and human assets are transferred as well.

We will conduct a Family Wealth Planning Session where we will spend time educating you about what will happen to your financial and human assets right now. You will then get clear about what you own and what consequences your loved ones may face if something were to happen to you. If you are unhappy with those consequences, and we decide that we are a good fit for each other, we can design a plan to address the consequences that are of concern to you.

Your plan may include a will and/or revocable living trust, Kids Protection Plan, durable powers of attorney and health care directives.

Asset Protection for Beneficiaries:

Nobody expects to be sued. Just ask the 20 million people involved in lawsuits last year.

Americans are now more concerned than ever about protecting their assets from creditor claims, taxes, divorce and other disasters. Rightly so.

That's where we come in. We assist our clients in determining the appropriate level of asset protection for their particular beneficiaries when they receive their inheritances.

We can help protect your beneficiaries from implications of divorce, health issues, creditors, theft, and lawsuits.

We can build in specific trust strategies available to accomplish the protection of your assets after you are gone for the benefit of those you love. To find out which strategies may be right for you, contact us for a Family Wealth Planning Session.

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What is a Kids Protection Plan®?

A Kids Protection Plan® is a set of instructions, legal documents, and even an ID card for your wallet, which you need to have if you have kids at home who count on you for their well-being and care.

If you are in an accident, your Kids Protection Plan® will ensure your children are never taken into the custody of Child Protective Services, strangers, or the care of anyone you wouldn’t want because the authorities don't have clear instructions from you. Your Kids Protection Plan® will ensure your children are raised by people you choose, not someone chosen by a Judge who doesn’t know you.

Schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session with us today so that we can fix those mistakes with you.

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Instant Action

In 10 minutes, this FREE website will help you protect your kids if something unthinkable happens to you before creating your formal estate plan. Think of it as the first step to ensure your kids are raised by the people you want, in the way you want, no matter what.

Guardianship/Naming Legal Guardians for Minor Children

69% of parents have not yet named legal guardians for their children. Of the 31% who have, most have made one of six common mistakes. That means that if you have minor children at home (or children who have special needs), it’s time to review your plan for their care if and when something happens to you.

Then, consider taking the very first step that every parent must have in place (no matter whether you have $1 or $10 million), and name legal guardians for your children for the long term. Finally, if you have not already read Wear Clean Underwear, it’s the best-selling book on legal planning for parents, and it’s a must-read.

If you and your spouse/partner cannot agree on who would be the ideal guardian(s) for your kids, that’s something we can help with. We have special training from the Family Wealth Planning Institute on helping parents work through this critical decision.

If you do nothing, the decision about who would raise your children (if something were to happen to you) would be left up to a judge to decide. A judge who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know what’s important to you, and doesn’t know your children, will make all the decisions about who cares for the people who are most important to you in the world. We know that’s not what you want.

The truth is, there may never be a perfect solution for you, but there is a solution that is better than your children being raised by someone you didn’t choose.